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Sunday, August 15, 2010

business of Internet Free. 100%

Sunday, August 15, 2010

: “ In this Program.. We Require Aid To Look for Member and As the Reward of We Will Give Commission"

And enough you follow 2 step following this : Opportunity of vacancy, free online business for the society of indonesia

step first Join now Komisigratis.Com.
100% Free, Without Any Expense To Be Able To merge into this program" Even joined you'd DIRECT get various FACILITY as following :

* Direct bonus Various high EBOOK with quality * A Personal Virual Office ( Member Area * Free Information Business & other Source Money * Personal URL with pattern :
Have FREE OF CHARGE earn BONUS again... Opportunity of[is effort, [job/activity] vacancy, free online business for the society of indonesia
step second. Invite 10 people just to join.

Now.. only require to invite 10 people to join And As the reward of we will give COMMISSION equal to Rp.25,- to each and everyone which you Recruit, and Rp.25,- again to each and everyone recruited by your network till 7 Level Under you.

Use Personal URL of you ( http://www.komisigratis.com/?id=ID_you ) to recruit, because sipapun which enlisting [pass/through] the the URL automatically will enter in your network. Following ILLUSTRATION COMMISSION you to get With Matrix System ( 10 x 7 LEVEL )

Level 1 : You recruit 10 people = 10 COMMISSION point of LEVEL 1 : 10 Point Rp.25 x = Rp.250,
Level 2 : 10 People [in] Level 1 you Recruit 10 People = 100 COMMISSION point of LEVEL 2 : 100 Point Rp.25 x = Rp.2.500,
Level 3 : 100 People [in] Level 2 you Recruit 10 People = 1000 Point COMMISSION of LEVEL 3 : 1000 Point Rp.25 x = Rp.25.000,
Level 4 : 1000 People [in] Level 3 you Recruit 10 People = 10.000 Point COMMISSION of LEVEL 4 : 10.000 Point Rp.25 x = Rp.250.000,
Level 5 : 10.000 People [in] Level 4 you Recruit 10 People = 100.000 Point COMMISSION of LEVEL 5 : 100.00 Point Rp.25 x = Rp.2.500.000
* Level 6 : 100.000 People [in] Level 5 you Recruit 10 People = 1000.000 Point COMMISSION of LEVEL 6 : 1000.000 Point Rp.25 x = Rp.25.000.000
* Level 7 : 1000.000 People [in] Level 6 you Recruit 10 People = 10.000.000 Point COMMISSION of LEVEL 7 : 10.000.000 Point Rp.25 x = Rp.250.000.000,- Follow the example of Calculation : 1 people = 1 Point 1 Point = Rp.25,- For example : There [is] 500 network insider of level 3 you Hence COMMISSION of LEVEL 3 you : 500 Rp.25 x point = Rp.10.025,- REMEMBER !! You is Only require to Look for 10 just People

and Deliver the rest [At] network below/under you ( With Capital 100% FREE OF CHARGE Of course will not difficult Look for 10 People) Our Mangapa READY To pay [for] As comparison of us will see FACEBOOK, To enjoy service of facebook we [DO] NOT Be collected by the EXPENSE OF FREE alias, but the owner of success him get earnings $. 700 million,- DOLLAR. Facebook also have refused bargain of yahoo to buy the share of at the price of 1 billion DOLLAR. Why can so? isn't it true that FACEBOOK a Free service? [The] mentioned because Facebook have owned 300 million active consumer every day him.. Become active consumer diInternet ( that member) of vital importance, and there [is] readying to pay [for] VERY HIGH for that.. Hence CLEARLY NOT ? why us also ready to pay for to get ACTIVE CONSUMER. One Of Our Example Evidence Really Pay

Other Receipt Of Transfer Please. Click Here

We Do Not Alone our Internet program is referred . "PAY PER LEAD"
Keyword input please the Google and see how many situs using this system. For Example : TDWUNIVERSITY.COM property of TUNG DESEM BERINGIN TREE a Motivator distinguised in Indonesia have this system mengunakan for melounching of him, only [do] not give reward in the form of cash but in the form of product like Blackberry till Motorbike. Friendfinder.Com also dare to pay for $. 1,- to every 1 people which enlisting FREE OF CHARGE, besides there is still Likaholix.Com , revresponse.com, needearn.com etc Become this Program IS NOT bizzares program and nyeleneh, BUT one of [the] METHOD BUSINESS of INTERNET which have COMMONLY USE INTERNATIONALLY. Where From Our Source Fund It is of course from SPONSOR.

You hanker directly of List. join now


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