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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ranca Upas

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ranca Upas become one of object wisata in area bandung south which is a lot of in visiting, its special at a period of to school vacation day
besides experienced panorama of other so Ranca Upas fascination of wisata which is located in ciwidey regency bandung and so at conservancy deer Ranca upas.
from wide of object wisata ranca upas 15 hektare, about 3 hektare in using by organizer for the place conservancy masculine deer timor type deer ( cervus timoresensis).
this place is its situation under mount patuha, precisely in mountain area dam out ruyung Countryside Patengan, Subdistrict Ciwidey. the place by geografi located in between Mount Patuha, Mount Tikukur
and Long Mount Cadas . photografy level off and hilly, with height 1.700-2.000 metre from sea level ( dpl) with air temperature of among 15-17 degree celcius with rainfall in approximating about 2400-3000 mm/ th.
at location level off this.
visitor in inviting to see near from deer conservancy start from everyday conservancy know a period of to marrying this herbivore animal.
experienced lius lotong,district manager wisata of Bandung South, telling ,
this place deer conservancy in develop building pada1980. initially, deer kept by as much 7 tail from great garden of Ragunan,Jakarta. sum up the deer later;then expand and in sending to ciamis in the year 1987 and cariu, Bogor, year 1983
" But in this time is only remained by 17 deer tail. its plan during near by will in adding 27 tail from cariu," according to lius of[is effort this deer conservancy represent one of effort fauna type conservation of through multiplying at one blow for benefit of either through direct.
and also indirectly. direct benefit can be in the form of flesh, husk, and the other shares. indirect benefit as its attraction wisata Target object to partake to take care of experienced resource permanence involve
partake to support governmental program in the effort taking care of natural preservation with new generation activity pursuant deer of deer to benefit ground and make everlasting and also improve added value of through aspect wisata research and education.

Pursuant to monitoring , deer - deer in place the deer ranca upas conservancy enough fraternize
they will understand when there was visitor which see to near from. by instingnya, this having horns animal even also try to come near barbed wire encircling their cage.
but the visitor might possibly be disappointed if this is animal do not come near because have felt " fear" nowadays the deer conservancy place non-stoped to get attention from organizer.
existence of deer to all student specially can add their knowledge about animal world of grass eater which his amount on the wane in this free nature because still become one of animal hunted to be taken by its husk and flesh.


Pey said...

wow..... ranca upas in bandung....i know...