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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Order Envelopes for Special Uses

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
In the midst of online communications and high-speed internet technology, face-to-face communication is still highly regarded as one of the most effective communication methods. When it comes to marketing a product, one-on-one sales approach is also deemed as the most effective marketing method with high conversion rate. If you are working in an industry where you need to reach customers through booklets, brochures, pamphlets, and any other printed materials to help them understand better about your company, products, and services, you are likely to need Custom Envelopes. Envelopes help potential customers carry brochures, help you send pamphlets and flyers to potential customers’ homes, and help them (customers) order mail-delivery products without difficulty.

If you plan to order custom envelopes, you should know what you want to order. There is a number of envelope types and sizes available that you can order. For giving away or sending catalogs, you can use catalog envelopes with window where you can put your logo and company address above the window. Meanwhile, for invoices or mailing checks, you can use full view window envelopes. For booklets, ordering booklet-style envelopes is a great choice. You can also order specialty envelopes that are hard to find such as mini coin envelopes, bangtail, drive up envelopes, and expansion envelopes. Find a custom envelope printer that is able to produce quality envelopes according to your specifications, in less than 7 business days, to make sure you can get your envelopes in less than two weeks. Get your custom envelopes and improve sales by sending away brochures and direct mail orders to potential customers as soon as your envelopes are ready!

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