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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paypal Verification / Verified

Saturday, July 31, 2010

You have Paypal account which not yet Verification / Unverified to [do/conduct] online purchasing, sending money to other Paypal account or accept money of other Paypal account with limited limit. To eliminate boundary of limit Account paypal you have to become Verification / Verified ( Truth of address you have [in] cheque by Paypal to the reason of security) by following Step become Verification / Verified. in click here

During not yet Verification / Unverified, Paypal you not yet earned to draw fund / withdraw to bank account or to your credit card. To be able to draw money of paypal balance, you have have to Verification / Verified If you not yet or wish to add bank account, login with your Paypal account and to Account / My Account --> Profile / Profile --> Add / edit Account Bank / Add Or Edit Bank of Account.
If you not yet or wish to add credit card, login with your Paypal account and to Account / My Account --> Profile / Profile --> Add / edit Credit Card / Add Or Edit Credit Card.

1 people enabled to have till 2 Paypal account according to need, that is 1 Personal type account / Personal add by 1 Primary type account / Premiere or Business type / Business. Example [of] you have owned 1 Primary type account / Premiere for online sales [of] you, and wish to make 1 account again for person like to go shopping [so that/ to be] separated from especial account ( Primary / Premiere or Business / Business) what is for t have business. Personal Type Account / Personal have advantage of cutting of fee lower. To make Paypal account 1 again with different type was you earn to repeat above registration step, using x'self data of[is Name of, Address and of Telp sameness, but using Email and Account Bank / different credit card

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By becoming verification status ( Truth of address you have [in] cheque by Paypal to the reason of security) will eliminate boundary of limit send money or draw money to bank account or debit card / your credit card, and make your Paypal account more trust by is buyer and seller.

Step become verification status
1. Login to your Paypal account
2. click of Link Get verification status.

- Data credit card input or you debit card the needed - After finishing your credit card data input, you'd get 4 verification code digit of Paypal, to be delivered into monthly statement or of statement online of your credit card ( usually in 1-3 workday), credit card you'd in charge $ 1.95 USD for this. Target deliver verification code of Paypal this is to ensure that address which you give it is true is not mere fiction address - If you have got 4 the security code digit of monthly statement or of statement online [of] your credit card later;then, login with your Paypal account, later;then My Account page;yard / My Account click Confirmation link / confirm for input 4 security code digit of Paypal, after input you 4 security code digit of Paypal account you'd become Verification / Verified and will be added $ 1.95 USD into your Paypal account is automatic later;then, become to calculate free of charge.

When you don't have Credit card can in changing with VCC. For new you join possibly ask around what that VCC? VCC is abbreviation of Virtual Credit Card the functioningness for the verified of Paypal and don't have physical form.

Especial target of VCC is to protect especial credit card so that when conducting transaction onlinely, owner of credit card do not give credit card information which in fact. This matter is conducted to protect credit card of undesirable things or abuse of credit card.

Is Usage of VCC peaceful for the Verification Of Paypal ? Verification of Paypal with VCC is process which quickly and easy. You earn to use the the VCC by the name of and is same address by the name of and address which You use at Your Paypal account. Process Verification also quickly that is less than 1×24hour even in compared to just minute calculation [of] verification process of Paypal by using credit card needing time 3-4 workday.

Some advantages of VCC for the verification of Paypal
1. You earn to have Paypal account which is “ verified” without having to have credit card
2. Price of VCC cheap
3. Verification process of Paypal which quickly
4. You earn to use VCC to the name of and address matching with Paypal account.

benefit of account Paypal which is have status “ verified” is 1. You earn to remit unlimited in number if Your statuses is verification, but the transfer of fund Limited*****Limited**** you'd if still have status [to] not yet verification 2. You earn to conduct Paypal withdraw if have verification. Equally, You cannot conduct withdraw if Your account still have status “ unverified”.

Henceforth You Earn to contact: click here

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