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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Way Enlist Paypal

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Clauses of PUBLIC.

Owner account Paypal current have minimum age 18 year or more and have :
1) Email address = As your Paypal account username later ( better use Email: @ gmail.com)

2) Credit card = To be used to become Verification / Verified and to be able to Withdraw ( Interesting of Balance of Paypal to Other Media)

Before strarting to enlist, prepare your datas to make Paypal account like Email, Name Of, Address, Telp, Number credit card ( Ascertaining Name, Address, Telp you to fill for registration is equal to data at your credit card)

1. situs PayPal :


We suggest to enlist paypal use above link, above link wearing link referral of paypalindonesia.com, we have informed paypal.com to be paying attention registration each;every incoming signup [of] him of community of paypalindonesia.com, and so that team of paypalindonesia.com easier monitor growth of paypal in Indonesia and also assist if there is problem.

2. Click of Sign Up Today

3. Hereinafter there [is] state choice, because you in Indonesia select;choose Indonesia. You also can change Ianguage to Indonesian. Last selected type of account which you wish according to requirement
4. Hereinafter your information input like Email, Name of, Address, Telp, etc ( Ascertaining Name, Address, Telp which you fill for registration is equal to bank account data or your credit card)

code Bank : click here

5. You'D accept confirmation enamel that you have enlisted and to activate Paypal account, open enamel of the Paypal and click of link confirmation which there are in it, for confirmation that you is the owner of enamel. Hereinafter you'd be brought to Paypal situs again, follow step hereinafter Finish, safe you have owned Paypal account!

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